In Memoriam of my cousin
Mary Margret Rutherford
+ 2007
We cold her MM. Her mother Margret was my first connection 1974 to my family in the USA. Following MM was the bridge for me to the USA.

After her retirement She visited us often in Germany. Every time we have had great time together. Her loveliest place was in Switzerland. She loved inter alia the "Jungfrau", the Heidi's aerea, global the coziness of this land . We visited lots of place in Europe. Most place I could not have seen with out her.

Never we forget the scrimps she brought with and prepared on her visits. We have had every time a great dinner.

We miss her. But for us she never died. She have for ever a place in our mind and Heart. Lest we forget her.
Name: Mary Margret Rutherford

Relationship: Cousin

Born: Rowe

Grandfather: Russian

Marry Margret whith her housband Bob 1998 on the occasion of my 50th birthday
Bob with his sister Danna
Here mother Magret (Cyzick) Rowe und Andrea Willig 1977
MM und Andrea Willig 1977
First time grandmother:
Bob, Jeniffer, Spencer, Gerret, MM
Marry Margret 1977 in Ocean Beach
Margret Rowe and Nelly 1974 in Front of her Biergarden in Morgantown, WV
This was my first contact to my family
the USA
Her children Jody and Jennifer
And her grand children´s from Jennifer, Olivia and Spencer
and her grandchildren from Joudy
Kid and father
The kids
Marc and Olivia
Bob and Jo Baur